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Easy 3 Stage Process



To reach your weight loss goals, you’ll work closely with your coach, meet one-on-one every week, and maintain a dietary regimen with ShiftSetGo meals. You’ll learn more about your body, healthy habits and shift your mindset to create a space for success.


You’ve reached your target weight, yay! Now you’ll be set up for long-term success. During this stage, we’ll start introducing whole foods back into your diet to replace ShiftSetGo meals and put those healthy habits you’ve learned into action.


You’ve regained control of your life and reached VIP status. That means you’re at your target weight, you’re feeling great, and you have the tools to continue your path of success and enjoy life without any limitations. The ShiftSetGo community will still be here for you; you’ll continue to meet with your coach to check in twice a month for the first year and monthly after that. 

Considering Ozempic or other Semaglutides?

Speak to weight loss expert Tami Turnley first to see how ShiftSetGo is an easy non-prescription program!

In addition to food and private coaching, we offer incredible supplements to support your weight loss journey!

Accelerate and Thermo Shift are only a few of our supplements to assist you in weight loss!

  • I feel like I've tried every diet. Will this work for me?
    Yes! We have never seen someone who is following our program fail to lose weight. With our scientifically proven method to burn fat while preserving muscle mass, it is possible for you to undo years of cutting calories and yo-yo dieting. With the ongoing, encouraging support from our coaches, you can finally get to that healthy weight you have always wanted—and stay there.
  • If I prefer or cannot come in to the clinic in person. Is it possible to be coached Virtually and have food shipped to me?
    YES! You are more than able to do our program from anywhere! We will meet with you on video calls, and cover half the cost of shipping your products!
  • Will I be hungry? What will I eat?
    While you are in Stage 1 (our weight loss stage), you will be eating three ShiftSetGo meals per day along with lean protein and vegetables. Clients receive an entire list of approved veggies and proteins, making meals and snacks easy. We also offer a growing library of tasty recipes to give you variety and keep you feeling satiated and satisfied.
  • How does the food taste?
    We’re proud to say that the ShiftSetGo meals, snacks, and shakes are delicious—and our clients love them! With over 70 meal options, ShiftSetGo has something for everyone. From the Chocolate Salted Caramel Pudding & Shake or Homestyle Chicken Soup to our famous Fluffy Nutter Crispy Bars, it will be hard to choose just one!
  • How long is the program?
    Unlike skin-deep, “bathing-suit-ready” weight loss programs, we are focused on long-term results. As a lifestyle change, our solution is most effective when you continue coaching appointments for ongoing support even after reaching your initial goal. However, the amount of time it takes for you to complete each stage can differ from person to person. Stage 1, the weight-loss stage, is determined by your individual goals and objectives. Once you have achieved your goals, your coach will help you transition to Stage 2, where the focus is on removing ShiftSetGo meals and replacing them with real, whole foods. Stage 3 is our maintenance stage, and this is for life! Here you will continue to incorporate more and more nutrient-dense, whole foods into your diet. You are also encouraged to focus on other lifestyle changes, such as increasing daily movement and prioritizing sleep. You can continue to support your efforts with ShiftSetGo meals and supplements, although it’s not required.
  • How quickly will I lose weight?
    While this varies from person to person, most of our clients lose between 2-5 pounds per week. Depending on your goals, you can expect to be in the weight loss stage for a few weeks to a few months. We are here to help you lose the unwanted fat pounds as quickly as possible and support you in our maintenance stage for lifelong weight maintenance.
  • How much weight can I lose?
    How much weight you can lose is incredibly individualized and depends on factors such as your goals, age, gender, stress levels, activity level, and genetics. With that said, we’ve had clients lose 200+ pounds, with fifty pounds being typical.
  • I have done Ideal Protein in the past. Is this the same?
    In 2024, we transitioned from Ideal Protein to the ShiftSetGo program. This change gave us more program options to fit different lifestyles while making our process more personal. The ShiftSetGo system has more food options, a more supportive maintenance program, and fewer supplements to take.
  • Is this the Keto diet my friends are doing?
    Our program is a nutritional ketosis program that is much more effective than the DIY keto most people do on their own. Our program specifically targets body fat, so you can quickly and effectively burn it. Unfortunately, many people overeat a particular macro while doing DIY keto, which can cause their weight loss efforts to stall out. Our program removes all the guesswork and provides you with an individualized roadmap so that you can focus on losing weight and getting healthier.
  • I am allergic to a lot of the ingredients in most packaged foods. Can I connect for weekly coaching, but my supplemented foods come from other stores?
    We offer a complete weight loss program, which includes the food. Many of our meals work with various food allergies and sensitivities, such as gluten-free, egg-free, whey-free, and soy-free. We also have medical-grade weight-loss food with much higher-quality protein than most big box stores offer.

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